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Black-and-white: Astronauts resting during a training at the Askja Crater in Iceland.

Astronauts: Fly me to the Moon – but fly me to Iceland first


The vast and diverse landscape of the United States of America is not only the stuff an authentic Hollywood backdrop is made of. In parts, it also offers the essentials a training ground for missions of national and international gravity requires: a moonlike scenery with lots of rubble bearing geological secrets to be lifted, in preparation for lunar missions by NASA, for instance.

Yet, when it comes to „moonlike“, no place on earth is more suitable to simulate an extraterrestrial situation better than Iceland can thanks to its volcanic origin. In 1965 and 1967, two groups of Apollo astronauts accompanied by geologists travelled to the destination for geological studies in preparation for their journey to the Moon. Among the 1967-group was Neil Armstrong, whose Apollo-11-mission was the component vital for the US Space Race to be won over the USSR. It made John F. Kennedy’s challenge, pronounced in 1961, come true: to “land a man on the Moon, and return him safely to the Earth”, before the end of the decade. On the 20th of July, 1969 at 20:17 UTC, Apollo 11 landed on the Moon and Neil Armstrong became the first human ever to leave his footprints on the powdery lunar surface.

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Chris Hadfield sending greetings to Vancouver directly from space.

Kanada: Auf zu neuen Fronten


Die MICE-Abteilung der Canadian Tourism Commission CTC hat sich in Business Events Canada (BEC) umbenannt und verfeinert simultan zur neuen Firmierung innerhalb seiner Gesamtstrategie den Fokus auf die Meetingsbranche. Den markiert auch eine frische Agenda für zu bestellende Marktfelder mit bereits erwiesenen Wettbewerbsvorteilen, auf denen das Geschäft vorangetrieben werden soll – wie Luftfahrt, Land- und Lebensmittelwirtschaft, saubere Technologien, Infrastruktur, Ingenieurs-, Informations- und Kommunikationswesen, natürliche Ressourcen usf.

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