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Creative thinking:  A pianist playing the Lawrence-of-Arabia theme in Jordan's Wadi Rum. ©Christina Feyerke

A pianist playing the Lawrence-of-Arabia theme in Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert.

Desperately seeking a professional writer?

As “Buy a Story” next door stipulates, some articles available on goodmeetings.com can be purchased for further use by other media. They have come to frequently serve as a welcome external source for Corporate Publishers as well. With subjects offered as widely strewn as on this platform, almost everyone should find their suitable topic. Adjustments are always possible.

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Text Boutique

goodmeetings.com offers the best possible showcase of text examples and tonalities to choose from – and of the writing skills plus the creativity you can count on:


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Our Text Boutique is your one-stop shop for articles, stories, destination reports, portraits, poems, advertorials, flyers, rhyme-to-reason, special editions… and when you think that your own article is still a little rough around the edges and needs some polishing. :-)

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Please direct all your inquiries to: christina.feyerke@goodmeetings.com

Images: ©Christina Feyerke