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We have been approached lately with this query:

Can articles available on be purchased for publication in other media?

First of all: many thanks for your interest and your appreciation of what we are doing here. And for respecting our intellectual property. Nowadays this is a rare virtue – especially on the www, where absolutely nothing is sacred.


In principle it’s possible for you to buy an article – although that does not account for all content on this website.

For an insight into the wide spectrum we cover, have a look at our previous topics. Alternatively, browse through the various locations we have written about.

Here are the general conditions

Apart from the individual price tag attached to each post, copyright is neither transferable nor for sale and remains with the respective author at all times. His or her name must be visibly placed above or below each chosen article. Modifications without the author’s prior permission are strictly prohibited.

Same accounts for any images provided by

All other image sources – may they be released by destinations, venues, hotels etc. – have to confirm their approval before publication in media other than is happy to help and mediate in your efforts to gain said approval – but will under no circumstances pass on any photo footage outside its ownership.

All articles and photos sold will remain public on

Would you rather prefer an article custom-made for your individual purposes independent of

You can choose between English or German.

For both languages this website holds plenty of examples of varying tonality.

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