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the e-zine for the meetings industry (and beyond)

That’s it for the subline? Afraid so. All suitable adjectives and superlatives – such as different, refreshing, special, inspiring, outstanding, original, professional, unsurpassed, unique and whatnot – have long been claimed and gone threadbare in the course of time.

goodmeetings.com may be young, rosy and untried – whereas I have been around for quite a while. Not only in terms of a life span that keeps extending mercilessly ever further and faster (a fate any living soul is being overtaken by sooner or later). But also in terms of a wealth of experience that inevitably thrives in its wake. The Meetings Industry has been my habitat for the past one-and-a-half decades; that renders me a true veteran familiar with the game inside out – be it editorially or marketing wise. Some of you may remember to have met me occasionally on one of the platforms the trade offers in multitude. And should you have read any of my reports and articles published in printed MICE media over the years, even the better. Please do keep it up with goodmeetings.com as well! We are only just getting started. Be there to see how it develops. There is much, much more to come.

You can contribute, if you like – by sharing your thoughts with me or by pointing out topics you consider worthwhile being pursued. And, most of all, by keeping the wheel spinning through your frequent visits to this site! You are in good hands with us and in good company in the midst of an audience that thinks and acts internationally with the rest of the world in mind. Same here. Originating from Austria, I have been round and about the globe for some forty years+. Beyond the mere journey, many a country had become a temporary home. Extended stays in the French part of Switzerland and the Swingin’ London of the expiring Beatles and Twiggy era triggered it all off. A permanent residence taken near Frankfurt helped not to sever roots altogether during close to twenty exotic and sometimes challenging expat years in Africa, Saudia Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and China. Extensive travelling – and even regular commuting to long-distance projects – have been playing a significant role throughout my life.

The destination features you will find here at goodmeetings.com are issued by a global player from the core.

Remains to wish for you that all of your future meetings will be good meetings.

And that’s probably as good as it gets.

Christina Feyerke/Publisher