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TED Talk. Maz Jobrani: A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar …


How are delicate issues best addressed? By means of a sound sense of humour perhaps? Comedian Maz Jobrani – born in Iran and raised in California – finds exactly the right tonality during his truly entertaining talk delivered in Doha, Qatar. As this video vividly corroborates, he succeeds in hitting exactly the right nerve the right way – judging from the jolly mood the local audience has obviously been transferred into. Maz is a founding member of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour premiered in 2007. Covering the US and Middle Eastern countries, 27 sold out shows in Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Kuwait and Amman spoke for themselves. “Browner and Friendlier” is his second solo comedy show.

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A black-and-white drawing. T.E. Gordon's "Hunting with Golden Eagles". A creative commons picture.

Eagle Hunting in Western China


China’s Kazakh minority preserving culture

Chinese Kazakh eagle hunters ride with their eagles during a local competition in January, 2015 in the mountains of Qinghe County, Xinjiang, northwestern China. The festival, organised by the local hunting community, is part of an effort to promote and grow traditional hunting practices for new generations in the mountainous region of western China that borders Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia. The training and handling of the large birds of prey follows a strict set of ancient rules that Kazakh eagle hunters are preserving for future generations. (Photos by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images, introduction: Qinghe, Xinjiang/China)

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The Cliffs of Moher - Ireland's most spectacular scenery

Virtual excursions in Ireland


Forty Shades of Green on Google Street View

Not only the number of meeting variants is constantly growing, their degree of creativity increases as well. Ranging from the regular office get-together to the classical congress, popular in-between solutions like BarCamps, Open Spaces, casual World Cafés, Brownbag Sessions and whatnot, have been sprouting in mushroom-like fashion, only to be accompanied – or replaced – by the next unconventional novelty at the wink of an eye. But what if there isn’t time for an exchange face-to-face and/or the cost for it is unwarranted? In that case, one might want to opt for a virtual meeting instead. And, for the sake of the concept’s purity: Why not enhance it with a stressless, equally virtual „fringe programme“? An „excursion“ to the Cliffs of Moher on Ireland’s west coast could be a rewarding experience.

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Spraying water: A horseback rider on an Icelandic shore.

Iceland: An adventurous Sheep Gathering Experience


Iceland horses are cute to look at and known as most pacific creatures. They also feature a kinetic characteristic unique to them: Their ability to shift into an auxiliary gait called „toelta“ offers a heart-warming sight and ideally transmits a pleasant feeling throughout every rider’s body. Due to Iceland’s isolated location, the genetic foundations of these pretty horses have not been shaken; their sturdy physique and adorable mentality remained unaltered ever since slender viking ships brought them ashore more than eleven hundred years ago. Why not exchange four wheels spun by noisy mechanical horse powers against four legs and a few happy neighs at the speed of one single leisurely HP lollop style? To explore the country by pollution-free means and to watch the fluffy blond manes flying from a horseback perspective, is a challenge rewarding like no other.

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Window cleaners on Burj Khalifa - the epitome of the emirate's economic success.

Dubai Video: HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s life Journey


“I do not know if I am a good leader, but I am a leader. And I have a vision. I look to the future, 20, 30 years. I learned that from my father, Sheikh Rashid. He was the true father of Dubai. I follow his example. He would rise early and go alone to watch what was happening on each of his projects.   I do the same. I watch. I read faces. I take decisions and I move fast; full throttle.”

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