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TED Talk. Maz Jobrani: A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar …


How are delicate issues best addressed? By means of a sound sense of humour perhaps? Comedian Maz Jobrani – born in Iran and raised in California – finds exactly the right tonality during his truly entertaining talk delivered in Doha, Qatar. As this video vividly corroborates, he succeeds in hitting exactly the right nerve the right way – judging from the jolly mood the local audience has obviously been transferred into. Maz is a founding member of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour premiered in 2007. Covering the US and Middle Eastern countries, 27 sold out shows in Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Kuwait and Amman spoke for themselves. “Browner and Friendlier” is his second solo comedy show.

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Close-up of a colourful motor bike: The Ig Nobel Prize is awarded to the world's weirdest inventions.

TED Talk. Ig – a science award that makes you laugh


Marc Abrahams talking about truly weird brainchildren

Revolutionary or at least useful inventions have been made in the course of history – starting with the kindling of fire and the more or less smoothly turning wheel around the 4th century B.C. Electricity, the automobile, the rotating toothbrush and innumerable objects of questionable relevance have been creeping out of busy brains relentlessly. Some contraptions could make it into our daily lives, others most likely won’t. Luxuries like the duck-billed muzzle for dogs, the mobile fishbowl with handles, the crocheted sweater for apples, the space-saving square melon or the mask protecting hair and clothes during absent-minded noodle-slurpings, for instance.

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