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Undoing email on gmail


Gone it is and trouble it causes: email not meant to be sent. This is not talking about the half-finished ones, those with unfathomable spelling or omitted salutation. Or when a Mr. becomes a Mrs. – an involuntary sex-change that amazingly seems to be far more offensive this way round than the other. Disaster eventually strikes when confidential email or attachments are erroneously forwarded to a least-of-all-trusted person, the certified company chatterbox or – God forbid!- a detested competitor. Or a number of them. If A writes to B that C is a corrupt crook, D to Z are not supposed to be let into the secret, even though they may have long been in the know. However, once the tricky „answer all“ button for multiple recipients is pressed unintentionally, a wicked pointed weapon springs into action only to unleash its evil effect.

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TED Talk. Glenn Greenwald: Why your privacy matters


None of us has anything to hide. We are righteous, hard-working citizens with no criminal relatives in our history. We pay our taxes, don’t drink and drive, abstain from drug abuse, raise our kids well, indulge in the odd harmless outing or occasional holiday, meet some friends once in a while and have to make ends meet on the basis of a regular but mediocre income. This is mostly it. Nothing exciting, really. Then why would we have to be overly protective of our personal sphere online? And even if our privacy had been invaded severely, how could we possibly be harmed?

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Playing cards for cyber-magic tricks

TED Talk: Cyber-magic card tricks


Do you know what a “cyber illusionist” is? Those who thought that “cyber” automatically meant “illusion” are right, of course – and, in this case, oh so wrong. The expansion of the internet and social media provides unknown opportunities for digital illusions and ways of interacting with audiences. Marco Tempest expertly combines “regular” magic with cutting-edge technology and: poof! creates a lyrical tale while dealing cards in a virtuoso manner. Via the augmented reality goggles he straps on, his entranced onlookers learn that suits, numbers and colors in a deck of cards actually correspond to our calendar and astonishes them with many an unexpected magic trick. View this video to witness top-notch hocus-pocus.

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Kilroy is watching us!

TED Talk. Mikka Hypponen: How the NSA betrayed the world’s trust


We will, we will watch you!

Is there any such thing as digital privacy? Aren’t we still sharing personal information far too generously and aren’t we all thoughtlessly jumping onto the cyber-fuelled bandwagon, just because it pretends to be the done thing? We are exposing our sometimes innermost secrets to a seemingly tangible community; after all, it is such a good feeling to be ‘liked’ by our diligently accumulated friends, 500+ at least, whom we trust blindly. Human vanity displays itself in many shades. So does human voyeurism. When friend turns into foe, the resulting mudslinging is witnessed by the same interested internet public. And then the desperation is individual and very real – and not just fleetingly virtual.

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