TED Talk: Cyber-magic card tricks


Do you know what a “cyber illusionist” is? Those who thought that “cyber” automatically meant “illusion” are right, of course – and, in this case, oh so wrong. The expansion of the internet and social media provides unknown opportunities for digital illusions and ways of interacting with audiences. Marco Tempest expertly combines “regular” magic with cutting-edge technology and: poof! creates a lyrical tale while dealing cards in a virtuoso manner. Via the augmented reality goggles he straps on, his entranced onlookers learn that suits, numbers and colors in a deck of cards actually correspond to our calendar and astonishes them with many an unexpected magic trick. View this video to witness top-notch hocus-pocus.

Marco Tempest began his performing career as a stage magician and manipulator, winning many awards and establishing an international reputation as one of the world’s most unusual performers. His interest in computer generated imagery led him to incorporating video and digital technology in his work and the development of a new form of contemporary illusion.

He is a keen advocate of the open source community, working with artists, writers and technologists to create new experiences and research the practical uses of the technology of illusion. Marco continues to perform around the world, is a media consultant on the subject of magic and illusion and lectures at international conferences on the psychology of deception and creative thinking.
And he is a Directors Fellow at the MIT Media Lab.

“I blend the line between what is incredibly real and what is incredibly not.”


Header image: ©Christina Feyerke