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The Palace Meersburg used to be the seat of Prince Bishops.

Meersburg: A fine Palace by Lake Constance


It goes without saying that, since there is a New Palace Meersburg, there had to be an Old Palace Meersburg first. The latter was neither a spacious nor a representative enough residence for the then-ruling Prince-Bishops of Constance, who were advised to change address to Meersburg after Constance had become protestant. More distinguished quarters were asked for and they decided for a handsome annex befitting their elevated status (that was in 1710). Later, further posh extensions added another layer of glamour to the building. Now of stunning grandeur and in line even with prime princely requirements, the new Baroque structure became a magnificent venue of unseen splendour – and a fashionable meeting point for the influential and powerful of their time.

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