The Georgia Aquarium: Pause with Jaws


Swimming against the tide can be a tiring affair, even if only meant as a literal term. When on the look-out for extraordinary venues for discerning business or private functions, the variety on the locations platter has grown so rich that the final decision often represents more of a helpless surrender than that of earnest determination. Opting for something lying completely off the beaten track narrows down the confusing kaleidoscope of choices considerably and ideally alleviates avoidable worries. Ever thought of going aquatic big style? If so, aquariums may be the trump up your sleeve.

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is a $250 million gift to the Atlanta community and the people of the state of Georgia through the Bernie Marcus Foundation and a not-for-profit organisation. The world’s vastest aquarium complex holds more than 10 million gallons (37,85 million liters) of water and boasts some 60+ habitats ranging from arctic to tropical, beautifully displayed in six intriguing galleries.

A whale shark photographed from below: The largest gallery - Ocean Voyager – offers an ample playground where maritime giants such as whale sharks and manta rays can freely splash about.

Carefree whale sharks and manta rays: the largest gallery – Ocean Voyager – is designed as an expansive playground for maritime giants.

Atlanta: An aquarium assuming responsibility and leadership

Since the aquarium’s founding a decade ago, respectful display and conservation of marine mammals and a host of aquatic species has been commitment and creed. Research and conservation programmes mirror a sincere dedication to global leadership; meanwhile, the research team have authored more than 130 publications and conference appearances.

Practical education and shared inspiration firmly manifest the adopted mission: 600 aquarium staff, 1,800 volunteers and partners sustainably ensure that visitors learn and care about the aquatic life shown. Some may even decide to become active advocates supporting the cause.

Georgia Aquarium: A sea nettle in all its beauty.

Georgia Aquarium: Tentacles securely confined behind massive glass sheets: a sea nettle entices visitors with its treacherous beauty.

A sophisticated life support system ensures the vast exhibit’s safety

The facility relies on a technologically advanced pump and filtration system. Automated and controlled life support equipment can make 150 million decisions per second through a network of 24 computers. More than 4,500 alarm points in the aquarium’s life support computer system will automatically alert technicians in case any abnormalities were registered. To safeguard a constant level in quality, laboratory staff conducts water tests twice a day.

Event planning: Georgia’s on your mind?

In its entirety, the Georgia Aquarium represents an exciting incentive programme in its own right. For functions, the 23,000 square-foot Oceans Ballroom offers breathtaking views into the whale-shark and beluga habitats: guests find themselves face-to-face with exotic fish and animals from all corners of the globe. The venue comfortably seats 1,100 pax for dinner or accommodates up to 1,500 for a reception.

All images are at the courtesy of the ©Georgia Aquarium

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