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A sheepishly-looking Barack Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague 2014

Holland. The Hague: The Nuclear Security Summit 2014


Dutch as Dutch can.

Citizens identifying with a Summit

Influential world leaders and thousands of delegation members convened at the city’s World Forum to attend the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS 2014) this March. The Hague, ranging in size behind Amsterdam and Rotterdam, is the official seat of the Crown and the government, recognised international city of peace and justice, home to hundreds of international organisations and multinationals and one of the world’s top three UN cities. The Hague’s Peace Palace stands for international justice. The magnitude of decisions taken and judgements delivered there are of universal significance for humanity. By skillfully orchestrating the Nuclear Security Summit, the city lived up to the reputation it enjoys as a hospitable, well-organised and safe convention destination. Charmingly schmoozing his hosts prior to the event, NSS initiator US President Barack Obama exclaimed: “I love Holland!“

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