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Out of shape: The inverted Age Pyramid


Longevity and the future Population Structure

A World Bank report makes it clear: Owing to the demographic evolution, and the consequent shrinkage of a working age population, it becomes important to keep older workers in the labor force longer. A changed pension policy accompanied by a flexible labor market should enable them to remain in the workforce and retain a high level of productivity. Presently, the prognosis for the future population structure resembles a column that may change to the shape of an inverting pyramid – with smaller cohorts of working age population expected to support the larger ones of elderly retirees. With rising longevity suggesting an average life expectancy after retirement of 15 years, the elderly are encouraged to spend their healthy years in the labor force rather than in retirement. This not only feeds pension funds, but also helps maintain the living standard enjoyed while working and reduces poverty among the elderly significantly. The following poem is a reminder of all those well-known facts – and relates to the meetings industry.

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A figurehead on an old sailbot looking into the distance. The workforce crisis in 2030.

TED Talk. Rainer Strack: The workforce crisis of 2030…


… and how to start solving it now

By 2030 – are mere 15 years from now! – many of the world’s major economies will have more job openings on offer than adult citizens to fill them. It is common knowledge that the demographic scales are tipping and will soon be seriously out of balance. In their quest for job seekers ready to subscribe to a work life of international mobility, countries must peer beyond their borders, says Human Resources expert Rainer Strack. His advice for economies and companies alike is to start thinking in terms of a “people strategy“: Forecasting supply & demand, finding ways to attract great talent and to upscale, educate and finally to successfully retain them and their manpower. A chart shows the present wish list of countries given the best marks by possible future expatriates and prospective naturalised citizens.

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