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Niagara Falls Canada: Halloween 24/7


The Niagara Falls represent one of the most impressive wonders of nature of our day and rightfully enjoy their reputation as an untamed – and untamable – site of awesome beauty. Reason enough for Hollywood movie producers to make this dramatic setting their filming location for ‘Niagara‘. In her role as Rose, the creepy psycho-thriller puts screen goddess Marilyn Monroe through a bloodcurdling cinematic ordeal: evil-minded husband Joseph Cotton alias George urgently wants to get rid of his unloved wife. At one point he vanishes and is believed dead, but reappears. Shrouded in a misty waterfall spray and in the presumed privacy of the Rainbow Tower, he strangles Rose to death. But there is a witness …

Fictional Hollywood stories aside: What comes now is REAL! The Nightmares Fear Factory calls itself ‘the scariest and best haunted-house attraction in Niagara Falls Canada’.

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Chris Hadfield sending greetings to Vancouver directly from space.

Kanada: Auf zu neuen Fronten


Die MICE-Abteilung der Canadian Tourism Commission CTC hat sich in Business Events Canada (BEC) umbenannt und verfeinert simultan zur neuen Firmierung innerhalb seiner Gesamtstrategie den Fokus auf die Meetingsbranche. Den markiert auch eine frische Agenda für zu bestellende Marktfelder mit bereits erwiesenen Wettbewerbsvorteilen, auf denen das Geschäft vorangetrieben werden soll – wie Luftfahrt, Land- und Lebensmittelwirtschaft, saubere Technologien, Infrastruktur, Ingenieurs-, Informations- und Kommunikationswesen, natürliche Ressourcen usf.

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