Common Sense vs. Decadence



The 25 most expensive Dishes and Drinks compiled by Ignitespot

As is widely known, there are many sappy fruitcakes on the face of this earth, some even make it to the top of politics. But no, what we are talking about here is genuine food, albeit of a nature that again gives reason to doubt reason. Spending a fortune on a humble slice of Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu beef – the Kobe superlative – may still be somewhat comprehensible given the fact that body and soul of an Asian cow need to be pampered into beef so artfully marbled and tender that effort and price are warranted and the cow is a happy one until death do them part, bovine and farmer. If you are a good Miyazaki-Wagyu-beef producer you might even win the Japanese Culinary Olympics Beef Competition held in Nagasaki every five years. And so it happens that a slice of Lancashire Wagyu & Mushroom Pie served in England may cost you a handsome 1,781 US-$.

That’s comparatively cheap considering that the price of a Burger containing the same sophisticated beef plus truffles plus foie gras is 5,000 US-$ or for a Sri Lankan dessert enrobed in gold leaf and adorned with an 80-carat aquamarine gem 14,500 US-$. One wonders what set of teeth people are harnessed with: mine couldn’t cope with rocks of any nature, gem or not.

But hey, this is nothing! What’s there to rival the Diamond Fruitcake served to the discerned Japanese crowd carrying a heavy-duty stone crusher in their pockets ready to pulverize age-old carbon?: The hexagonal cake is studded over and over with 223 twinkling diamonds. Bon appétit!

To wash it all down, how about an Ampoule (not much washing-down there) of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, „housed“ in a skinny hand-made vessel, at 168,000 US-$?

Even though the cost of it seems tiny in comparison: Please decide against drinking Kopi Luwak coffee (up to 600 US-$ per pound), for the sake of the civet cat that is abused to death for this purpose – and for your own clear conscience.