Typically German?


What Germans travelling resent about travelling Germans

The good thing is, that the survey we’re talking about was conducted amongst Germans only – 2033 of them. As is known, we are pretty adamant when it comes to judging anybody’s demeanour: sugar-coating our opinion is commonly not one of our inborn traits. The findings may well contain more than a kernel of truth and – what a relief! – the data produced will not rest on a grudge possibly harboured by random foreign nations for whatever reason. So, this is probably as unbiased as it gets. The travel search engine kayak.de‘s survey is deemed representative amongst Germans from 18 onwards. It revealed that Germans abroad are too noisy, too stingy, too arrogant and often oh so embarrassing!

Misbehaving country fellows: Fading into the woodwork

This is why 18 per cent of the respondents have cheated occasionally by denying their German origin. A lenient eight per cent had nothing to moan about their compatriots and a staggering six per cent are explicitly looking for the familiarity of German company. Yet: 14 per cent select places abroad likely to be populated by the least number of German countrymen and -women.

A hit list of the most resented German foibles:

Stinginess and a terrible German accent are among the features most disliked.

Stinginess and a terrible German accent are among the features most disliked.

  1. It’s reserved! The sun lounger „pre-booked“ by means of a bath towel demonstratively spread out before sunrise (or after dawn!). 45 per cent.
  2. Ignoring local etiquette and culture differences when it comes to food/drink or dress code.
  3. 41% are predominantly enervated by the lack of adaption and respect for the host country.
  4. Where can I file a complaint? Constant nagging is criticised by 40 per cent.
  5. Taking for granted that the local population understands German. 36 per cent.
  6. The noise: one always knows where they are. 32 per cent.
  7. German punctuality and efficiency are much-feared properties and the impatience usually displayed a huge nuisance. 29 per cent.
  8. As is: 27 per cent of the interviewees consider themselves more generous than their bossy fellow Germans when it comes to accepting slight variations in quality (room, animation, pool, etc).
  9. Asking for typically German food no matter how exotic the destination.
  10. Haggling. Too expensive! No discount? For 14 per cent, Germans are far too stingy.
  11. Zenk yu weri mutch. Eight per cent blush over a distinctive German accent in others.

How to avoid involuntary encounters with fellow Germans:

Stay away from – outlets for Schnitzel/Wurst etc. – towel-reserved sun beds: Germans likely! – destinations known to be brimming with a „teutonic“ audience. There a zillions of other options.

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