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The New Tree House at Luxury Safari Lodge Tongabezi in Zambia.

A global trend: Glamorous Camping = Glamping


No tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll

In the history of man’s evolution, „up the tree – and quickly!“ seemed a splendid option when it came to escaping from all sorts of bloodthirsty evil inadvertently popping up from nowhere. In order not to be devoured, predominantly benign early humans, hunting and gathering relentlessly, just followed their instinct. Enabled by helpful tools shaped from stone, hammered from bronze or cast from iron in later ages, the long-hatched dream of a safe permanent dwelling high up a tree did come true. Second best to the cosiness of easily defendable caves, the properly fastened tree-house offered lofty shelter, an ideal lookout for invaders and food protection from voracious scavengers – whereby the odd poisonous snake or spider moving in unasked had to be tolerated.

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A black-and-white drawing. T.E. Gordon's "Hunting with Golden Eagles". A creative commons picture.

Eagle Hunting in Western China


China’s Kazakh minority preserving culture

Chinese Kazakh eagle hunters ride with their eagles during a local competition in January, 2015 in the mountains of Qinghe County, Xinjiang, northwestern China. The festival, organised by the local hunting community, is part of an effort to promote and grow traditional hunting practices for new generations in the mountainous region of western China that borders Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia. The training and handling of the large birds of prey follows a strict set of ancient rules that Kazakh eagle hunters are preserving for future generations. (Photos by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images, introduction: Qinghe, Xinjiang/China)

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Wildlife in Florida: A Dolphin Family with Baby

USA/Florida: A Dolphin’s Fingerprint


The 10,000 Island Dolphin Project

Naples, Marco Island & the Everglades are known as Florida’s Paradise Coast. In 2014, the destination facing the Gulf of Mexico, was assigned theTripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Islands Award, as being the Top Island in the US of A – and the fourth on the prime list worldwide. Local dedication to a special mission may well have influenced the jury’s decision.

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Above the River Rhine: Germania - the German Statue of Liberty

Germania – Lady Guardian over the River Rhine


The Niederwald Monument – another Statue of Liberty

Her body mass index may cause reason for concern: at a height of 12,35 metres and a weight of 32 tonnes, she may well be considered obese. Any serious physician would long have thrown in the towel over a patient so negligently indulgent as to tolerate an unbelievable BMI of 210! In Germania’s case, she’s innocent. She was designed as a symbol of prowess and was thus cast in virtually indestructible iron bronze – to make her last forever. Planning and building phases together took twelve years.

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A rhino in KwaZulu Natal.

Südafrika/KwaZulu-Natal: Diesseits – in Afrika


Du bist ein Löwe – dies ist dein Lied

Solomon Linda stammte aus dem Zululand. Er arbeitete als Putzmann und Schallplattenverpacker bei der Gallo Record Company in Johannesburg, als er in den 1920ern die zündende Idee zu einem hitverdächtigen Song hatte.

Zusammen mit seiner a cappella-Gruppe „Solomon Linda and the Evening Birds“ führte er sein Lied „Mbube“ (Löwe) fortan unzählige Male auf. Das eigentliche Stück war simpel, seine ungeheure Faszination aber machte der Hintergrund-Chor aus sonoren Männerstimmen aus. Solomons Part – heulend-jodelnd zu wehklagen – mündete schließlich in eine Melodie mit dem improvisierten Text „In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight“. Ein Welthit war geboren! Solly bekam einen Plattenvertrag und bis 1948 verkauften sich über 100.000 Scheiben in Afrika und Großbritannien. Allerdings erhielt er dafür nur einen kleinen Obolus. Aber „Mbube“ wurde zum Inbegriff afrikanischer a cappella-Musik. Weeheeheehee-dee-heeheeheehee-wee-aweem-away…

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