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TED Talk. Ze Frank: Are you human?


Just in case you are not sure to be a human being at all: Ze Frank helps you to find out. During his entertaining – and thought-provoking! – talk, a few simple questions thrown at the audience triggered the interaction sought by the speaker. Ze Frank (= Hosea Jan Frank) is an American online performance artist, web toy inventor, composer, humorist and public speaker. In 2001, he rose to fame when he created an online birthday invitation and forwarded it to seventeen of his closest friends. “How to dance properly” was disseminated vividly and the invitation generated millions of hits and over 100 gigabytes of daily traffic to Frank’s personal website. Ever since this video became viral, Ze Frank has made people giggle. And guffaw. And laugh out loud. Frank was born to German-American parents. Hence the „Ze“.

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