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Feasting in the streets: Adelaide's Food and Wine Festivals are legendary.

South Australia: All-rounder Adelaide


Where the living is easy, fish are jumping and the conferencing is green

The dynamic city of Adelaide, situated west of where the cotton is high on the Australian continent, seems to have struck it lucky in many respects. Blessed not only with a mild, mediterranean climate and the flattering reputation of being cultured and inspiring, its fortunate citizens also benefit from a value-for-money ratio that allows them to maintain a pleasant and easy-going existence in a safe and clean environment close to a deep-blue sea brimming with resources. Adelaide also throws the frequent mouth-watering feast or festival, lushly catering to the gourmet side of life, and is thus rightly considered South Australia’s undisputed capital of fine cuisine and a good drop of wine here and there. Renowned wine regions – such as the Barossa – are a mere stone’s throw from the city.

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New Zealand: Is Middle-earth closer than we think?


Those who believe that middle-earth is far away, err: for New Zealanders and Australians and some of the islanders in the neighbourhood, it is pretty close. For inhabitants of other destinations usually dubbed ‘long-haul’ like Shanghai, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Tokyo, ‘it is just a sleep away’, says Jodi Williams, head of Global Brand Development of Air New Zealand. That may be true. Europe, however, is painfully remote – and for us over here New Zealand, indeed, ‘is tucked away at the bottom of the earth’. Meaning, that most of us are deprived of ever experiencing the awesome scenery live, that has been filming location for a series of unearthly movies of monumental calibre.


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