Rotterdam: Modern cows float!


Should you be speculating on treating your corporate team (or family or friends) to an enlightening outing, why not propel them right into the future of, say, a dairy farm? Now, usually, admiring cattle standing around mooing and chewing while waiting to be milked, may not unleash unbridled excitement in your colleagues when first introduced to the idea. But what, if cows and dairy plant were progressively housed in a stylish, transparent, shell of glass, quietly bobbing on the rippling waters of a quirky city like Rotterdam? And when the floating dairy plant were a splendid example of an environmentally friendly, sustainable concept cleverly put into practice by means of a remarkable project? Wouldn’t a really rewarding excursion be one that may trigger a lasting effect that ushers in a change of attitude even in people outside the agricultural fraction?

The Floating Farm_virtual

The Floating Farm: who are the protagonists?

The main players in this cooperation are the Dutch Agriculture and Dairy sector, Uit Je Eigen Stad, the national forerunner on city farming and Beladon, the leading Dutch company on floating concepts.

Knowing that the demand for food will automatically potentiate along with the galloping increase of the world population, the question arises, where to produce these vast amounts of food needed and how healthy and nutritious it must be. With diminishing availability of arable land and millions migrating from the country into the big cities, agricultural areas are located further and further away from end consumers. Supplying them with affordable, fresh produce becomes a growing logistical challenge.

Dairy products from urban cows

This is why the Floating Farm will produce and treat fresh milk close to consumers’ environment in the city, thus guaranteeing short haul transportation, facilitating logistics and minimising the greenhouse effect. Next to being a regular farm, the plant sees itself as an educational entity whose priority is production of healthy food. Its transparency allows visitors to follow the entire circle of milk handling, animal welfare and implementation of high-tech robots in the work process. Children and students are welcome to attend the guided tours on offer.

Farm plus Lab

Floating Farm Diagram

Farm or high-tech lab? It’s both. Together with a number of technology partners, the plant pursues research for a better production process of food and fodder. And it tackles challenges such as waste handling and sensible treatment of water, urine and manure.

We are a true living laboratory, very transparent to visitors. Research companies and universities are welcome to test and experiment on sustainable, self-sufficient dairy farm production. We encourage partners to help create better products and a better, cleaner, healthier world. As soon as products have reached the approval quality status, we will apply these at the farm.“

Want to become a partner?
The Floating Farm works with many partners, and more and more cities are captivated by the concept. Entrepreneurs planning to run a sustainable, floating farm themselves are invited to get in touch to discuss franchising options. Furthermore, technology suppliers prepared to contribute to production optimisation in a sustainable manner, are welcome to join in as well.

Construction progress of the first Floating Farm in Rotterdam is being monitored from June, 2016. Completion is planned for December, 2016.

Images courtesy of ©Floating Farm.