TED Talk. Jason Fried: Why work doesn’t happen at work


Where do people go when they really need to get something done? Answers are: the porch, the coffee shop, the library, the kitchen, or while commuting. For some, it doesn’t really matter where they are, as long as it’s early in the morning or late at night or on the weekends. „The office“ is hardly ever the response given. That fully complies with Jason Fried’s theory: that the office isn’t a very good place for productivity. In his opinion, the main disruptions at work are caused by M&M’s: managers and meetings. This video – watched by nearly four million viewers – was filmed five years ago. Yet, its content today is true more than ever!


In 1999, Jason Fried became co-founder and president of 37signals – offering “simple but powerful” web-based project management tools. The company was renamed to basecamp.com in 2014.

Fried is co-author (with David Heinemeier Hansson) of Rework, a book that revolves around new concepts for work and creativity.

Header image: ©Christina Feyerke