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Singapore celebrating 50th year of independence


That Singapore is a survivor is corroborated by the fact, that even the drama of her independence happened twofold! For the first time, when released from the bondage of British colonisation in 1959. For the second, after an involuntary merger with the Federation of Malaysia was terminated following a phase of political and racial unrest. Singapore finally gained her well-deserved sovereignty in 1965.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of her reinstalled freedom, the city throws a gargantuan party lasting the entire year. Considering, that a state is made up of its people, it seems a logical consequence for Singapore to share her Golden Jubilee with her truly diverse ethnic community by inviting them to help plan and organise a series of festivities. After all it was their concerted efforts that made Singapore’s skyrocketing ascent possible. The official body guiding procedures and founded especially for that purpose, is the Singapore50 (SG50) Steering Committee. It comprises representatives from public, private and people sectors. Bearing in mind the multi-cultural denizenship Singapore’s fabric is woven from, an exciting array of vibrant events is sure to rain down on locals and visitors alike. A small choice of what is on the agenda is laid out below. The full range is here:

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