A global trend: Glamorous Camping = Glamping


No tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll

In the history of man’s evolution, „up the tree – and quickly!“ seemed a splendid option when it came to escaping from all sorts of bloodthirsty evil inadvertently popping up from nowhere. In order not to be devoured, predominantly benign early humans, hunting and gathering relentlessly, just followed their instinct. Enabled by helpful tools shaped from stone, hammered from bronze or cast from iron in later ages, the long-hatched dream of a safe permanent dwelling high up a tree did come true. Second best to the cosiness of easily defendable caves, the properly fastened tree-house offered lofty shelter, an ideal lookout for invaders and food protection from voracious scavengers – whereby the odd poisonous snake or spider moving in unasked had to be tolerated.

Tree-houses, the forerunners of towers and contemporary high-rise buildings

The popularity of tree-houses manifested itself over thousands of years on the hit-list of desirable housing schemes and even today, any kid of some standing insists on having one of their own put up in the parental garden – if only to escape from the grip of their elders once in a while. Who, on the other hand, might employ a patient child-minder to venture off holidaying Glamping style, completely sans their offspring:

Tongabezi- situated by the banks of the Zambezi river close to the spectacular Victoria Falls.

Tongabezi – by the banks of the Zambezi river close to the spectacular Victoria Falls.

Glamping – that’s tree-housing the luxury way. It means being indoors outdoors without having to sacrifice a sensational open-air experience. Those afraid of heights, may instead opt for an elaborate wooden villa on sturdy stilts somewhere in tepid South Pacific waters, a comfy hammock swaying under a chique canopy, a circular yurt for the concave sleeping arrangement, a crackling igloo in Alaskan ice or the adventurous safari tent starring in movies featuring the lifestyle of the well-to-do – with torches and camp-fires flickering for the romantic atmosphere and lions growling at the threshold for the sake of authenticity. The choices are rich. Perhaps the lion part ought to be omitted by untrained glampers…

Glamping also means having to share neither showers nor water closets nor the detested creatures thriving in such habitat – all justified dreads of radical camping opponents. And it often is a pretty posh affair. Many independent properties and hospitality brands are offering a repertory of accommodation with ample private space, high-class equipment and service, fine cuisine, crisp linen and a wealth of other goodies. Camp sites may be situated either within the hotel’s surrounding premises or far beyond civilization – where no shine of urban light ever disturbs the uniqueness of a starry, starry night.

A wide selection of Glamping opportunities in international destinations is available at glamping.com

Livingstone Island is the only accesible land on right on the edge of the Victoria Falls, and the first place David Livingstone observed the falls from.    Livingstone Island is only accesible from Zambia.  Tongabezi organise daily trips.

Livingstone Island on the right edge of the Victoria Falls is only accessible from Zambia. From here, David Livingstone first observed the steaming cascades.

All images courtesy of Luxury Safari Lodge Tongabezi, Victoria Falls, Zambia. The privately owned and run property is situated by the banks of the Zambezi River upstream of the Victoria Falls. Zambians respectfully dub it Mosi-oa-Tunya – the Smoke that Thunders. www.tongabezi.com