Iceland: Sleeping in a bubble


When mystical veils of polar lights are wafting across northern skies in unknown shades of green, observers from near and far are eager to come and watch the stunning spectacle. A great many people have the Aurora Borealis on their bucket list of things to do at least once in a lifetime. Witnessing the awesome natural miracle when in Iceland can happen in the most comfortable of ways: by dreamily lying on one’s back underneath the transparent skin of an unconventional „hotel“ room in the shape of a bubble. Glamping under a canopy of stars means freedom and shelter at the same time.

The Bubble Lodge: in harmony with nature

Iceland: Sleeping in atransparent bubble.

Nature all around and a full view – either way.
The Bubble Lodge offers guests cosy space for two and features a double bed, table and chair. Sanitary options are external, baths and showers can be taken at nearby public pool facilities: at Keykholt, in the Secret Lagoon in Fludir or at the Laugarvatn Fontana spa. „It has never been more important to let nature regain its rights and use accommodation solutions without heavy infrastructure and damaging impact on the environment“, say Bubble operators. The lodge lies close to Reykholt, a 70 minutes’ drive (93 km.s) from Reykjavik. Photo:

Aurora Borealis in Iceland.

Aurora Borealis: all greens, but at times painted with a timid hue of red and blue and sprinkled with stars seemingly descending as purple rain.

Camera lights glowing at the Jökulsarlon glacier in Iceland.

Camera lights glowing at the Jökulsarlon glacier in Iceland. Photo courtesy of

Aurora Borealis in Iceland.

The northern lights – Aurora Borealis – are named after the Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and the Greek word for wind: boreas. How they actually come to be is explained most comprehensively by Truls Lynne Hansen of the Tromsø Geophysical Observatory /University of Tromsø:

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