A Berlin hotel: Close to a home story


When planning a stay at a hotel, there is always a choice. Sometimes, preference may be given to a uniform and relatively sterile ambience. Chain addicts best relax when layout and appearance are identical in Paris, Prague or NYC. Yet: A genuine „home away from home“ will come in all different shapes, sizes and outfits – just as people’s residences do. The more variety the interior offers, the more likely it caters to a person’s individual needs. The management of the Hotel Art Nouveau (Garni) in Berlin Charlottenburg is readily being credited for taste and sensitivity and a talent for original style, design and quality food. Enhanced by their ability to create an international atmosphere by weaving cosmopolitan influences into their offering, the result is a smooth concoction of pleasing vintage components.

If equipped to understand this subtlety, any discerning traveller will rate the owner-run hotel a twinkling gem in the crown of boutique accommodation. For the real connoisseur, the good things in life do not have to scream for attention. They are just there – quietly taking hold and waiting to be plucked by those who recognise and cherish the privilege.

Spending the night in extraordinary rooms

Where individuality reigns, nothing is trivial. Some impressions:

A friendly standard room at Hotel Art Nouveau in Berlin

A friendly standard room …

A stylish suite at the Hotel Art Nouveau in Berlin

… the luxury of a stylish suite…

A stylish suite at the Hotel Art Nouveau in Berlin_2

…may come in a completely different look next door!

Gliding into the day with a happy stomach

Nothing better than a substantial breakfast that braces for a busy day of business or leisure. The buffet is sensibly arranged and includes what the heart longs for in high quality, such as homemade jams and cakes. Plus some tasty Salmon Caviar from the Russian supermarket in the vicinity. It is served on ice in its authentic tin with cyrillic letters – and offered on a reliable basis. Frank Sinatra, discretely chanting his greatest hits in the background, truly does kill softly with his song.

Hotel Art Nouveau in Berlin

The breakfast room at the Hotel Art Nouveau in Berlin displays much flair.

The breakfast room at the Hotel Art Nouveau resembles a cosy restaurant rather than a cafeteria. Here, tea and coffee facilities are available 24/7, as is access to the honesty bar, where free Happy Hour drinks are to be had between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. On the walls, contemporary works of promising artists are made visible on a rotation system – to the public and the prospective buyer.

Chic neighbourhood Charlottenburg

The Hotel Art Nouveau is situated in an attractive historical building on floors 2 (reception) and 4. It features 21 unique rooms (including three suites), plus two board rooms and one study, and a fancy roof-top terrace that overlooks the summits of the trendy quarter of Charlottenburg in Berlin’s West. An antique elevator is still in operation: Unhurriedly, it takes guests up to their respective storeys, allowing ample time to admire the mechanical wonders of by-gone times – and the Art Nouveau windows in the stairwell.

The atmospheric Savingy Platz is a few minutes away and the posh Kurfuerstendamm – a shopper’s paradise – lies right around the corner.

Hotel Art Nouveau Berlin Roof Terrace

The icing on the cake: The hotel’s airy roof-top terrace!

Convenient parking and connections

An underground garage is available in the building opposite.

Access to public transport is given within 200 metres. Trade fair visitors are in a comfortable position when having to commute to the ICC or to catch a flight from Tegel Airport TXL.

In 2016, Ingo Bethke became the new owner of Hotel Art Nouveau. It is he who has branded this house. The interior mirrors the mind, heart and soul and the eye for detail of a well-read connoisseur with a wide cultural interest – and a sound sense of humour. Ask him for any inside tip when looking for sites, art exhibitions, theatre productions, restaurants…


Direct bookings are encouraged.

Header image and breakfast-room picture: ©Christina Feyerke

All other images courtesy of and © by Hotel Art Nouveau