TED Talk. Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal


Most rich countries produce three to four times the amount of food needed to feed their own population – and almost half of the produce is being discarded before it even reaches the consumer. Not mainly because it’s expired and has become inedible, but often solely for cosmetic reasons. „What we see is only the tip of the iceberg. Food waste is happening on a gargantuan scale“, says Tristram Stuart, activist and strong advocate against global food waste. By 2050, Earth will be inhabited by around nine billion people who expect to be fed. This talk helps understand the implications of food waste and how urgent immediate action is.

In his book „Waste: Uncovering he Global Food Scandal“, Tristram Stuart describes sensible ways on how to reduce pressure on the environment by tackling the food-waste issue. He is founder of Feeding the 5000. For the awareness-raising event organised at Trafalgar Square (and other international venues), 5000 citizens were treated to a free lunch consisting of ingredients that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Header image: Screenshot from ©TED video.