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A creative solution: a red stretch Trabi in Berlin.

TED Talk. Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, failure and the drive to keep creating


Shaking off old burdens

Breaking free from the stereotypes reigning a life in a stalemate requires a vast amount of courage. Whatever is out of balance, is often easier endured in a state of paralysis. Elizabeth Gilbert – the writer – went for the first option and travelled the world for an entire year to escape from a life that wasn’t hers any longer. In Italy, she indulged in good food and fully enjoyed „la dolce vita“, found her spirituality in India and a new love in Bali. Her memoir „Eat, Pray, Love“ remained on the NY Times Best Seller list for sensational 187 weeks; Julia Roberts starred in the book’s film version. Elizabeth Gilbert delivers a brilliant talk, eloquently describing how she tackled the effects of failure – and of success! The two are not as easily distinguished „by the hinterland of our psyche“ as one might think, she says. Her urgent message is: never give up on your creativity!

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