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Geocaching: The Treasure Hunt of the Digital Age


Adults are often shy to admit it: since childhood days their enthusiasm for the old-fashioned treasure hunt has not subsided a shred. Small wonder that organisers of incentives and programmes fringing conventions and events still implement city rallyes of all shapes and sizes in undiminished frequency when it comes to familiarise participants with a destination. They can be certain of an equally relentless zeal displayed by their grown-up group members. Just as excited as ever to successfully be hewing their path through an unknown jungle – be it sylvicultural or urban, they give their utmost in the hopes of snatching away the much-desired reward or prize from able contesters. Mobile GPS systems sometimes alleviate coping with a task seemingly unconquerable, whereby clandestine users are a disgrace to any team! The classical MICE treasure hunt requires minute preparation to really serve its purpose of both, information and entertainment. But there is a versatile, reliably rolling bandwagon ready for parties to jump on to, approved GPS as an auxiliary included: Geocaching.

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