The Mayor of London: Desperately seeking Night Czar


It is probably one of the most peculiar job offers ever made by an official body and it may well be that it was initially considered a hoax by those who stumbled upon it. No joke though. Instead, employer City of London tempts applicants with an unconventional job description and generous remuneration: 35,000 Pound Sterling for a leisurely 2,5-day week’s work. Taking London’s slackening night-life to new realms – or back to the ones of the past – will be the chosen contestant’s assigned task. Whereby the job title’s regal connotation might exercise additional attraction: Having „Night Czar“ embossed on one’s business card may perhaps raise a puzzled eyebrow here and there, but just imagine: Czar!

Genuine historic Czars hardly proved to be the overly enthusiastic types when it came to securing anybody’s interests but their own. The novel London specimen, however, will have to excel in that field, as he must be able and ready to mediate between all thinkable parties of the public and private sectors. Winning back sceptical neighbourhoods relieved that the last club has finally closed down for good could be a demanding chore as well. Reasonable 24-hour means of transport have to be made available plus a reliable degree of security be assured for those to be coerced back on to urban turf during nightly hours.

Not a bad job at all: being London's one and only Night Czar

Not a bad job at all: acting as London’s one and only Night Czar.

Here is an excerpt of the ad published by the Mayor of London:

The Mayor of London is looking to appoint the UK’s first Night Czar to shape London’s future as a 24-hour city. The Night Czar will champion the value of London’s night time culture whilst developing and diversifying London’s night time economy.

Working with the Mayor, the Night Time Commission, local authorities, businesses, the Metropolitan Police Service, Transport For London and other agencies, the Night Czar will create a vision for London as 24-hour city and a roadmap showing how the vision will be realised.

The Night Czar will have proven leadership ability, public profile and convening power, plus a thorough understanding of the night-time economy and the ability to work in a political environment.“


The application deadline ends on September 12th, 2016 – one minute before midnight sharp.

Free image by ©Pixabay