TED Talk: David Grady on how to save the world from bad meetings


The world over, businesses are being plagued by inefficient, tedious, overcrowded and often utterly superfluous meetings. The epidemic, that catapults myriads of workers into durable misery and plays havoc with their precious time, has sparked David Grady’s urge to help curb this rampant disease. Here are some of his ideas on how to become the master of your calendar again. His motto being: MAS – or no MAS?

Strong communication skills are a necessity in today’s global economy, believes information security manager David Grady. The former print journalist, “PR guy” and website producer has ghostwritten speeches and magazine articles for top-notch company executives. A change of career opened to him the world of information risk management. This sector allows him to put to use his communications experience and skills to transform complex problems into manageable challenges.

David Grady also on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vshZH29akpE

Header image: ©Christina Feyerke