Scribble + Doodle = Scroodle?


Serious Sketchnoting on the Uprise

When caught doodling at school back in the old days, one was in for a hefty reprimand by the teacher, who would then maliciously peach on you at home, throwing your poor parents into a state of quiet devastation. Caught more frequently, your next stop was likely to be at the dreaded in-house psychologist’s office, where an expert human lack-of-concentration detector would painfully be deep-probing into the diminishing source of your ability to keep your young mind focussed. Serves you right when you allow your thoughts to go all spaghetti!

If worse came to worst and chances dwindled that any shred of enlightenment were ever excavated from your chaotic unconscious, the consequence may well have been your expulsion and release into a scholastic career in a less demanding academic institution. Tossing your poor parents into a state of sheer devastation.

It’s self-defence: Conquering Monotony

Nowadays, a good teacher would be trained to appreciate your creative talent. An even better one might realise: This pupil is bored to death! The kid only makes the best of a situation by doodling his or her fingers to the bone in order to maintain their sanity.

You may also be uncovered as the brilliant mind that you really are and be highly recommended to enrol into a school for the intellectually gifted, who pass their Straight-A A-levels in their stride at the age of eleven, then complete their social year in the inhospitable South American jungle, where they (loin-cloth donned!) help native Indians comprehend the Theory of Relativity – successfully! – only to commence upon return their studies at the most renowned universities in the country – scholarship in pocket – and to graduate summa cum laude – doctorate accomplished – by the tender age of fourteen. Catapulting blissfully happy parents right over the moon.

Jot that Meeting down in Sketchnotes!

Sketchnotes are a valuable tool during meetings.

Sketchnotes have become a valuable tool during meetings.

Seriously now: If none of the attributes mentioned in the genius paragraph account for you – which is most probably the case – do not despair! Why not simply add a scribble to your doodle and become a light-footed sketchnoter, able to visualise, illustrate and jot down in words content diffused in often lengthy conferences or presentations?

It’s a legitimate tool and a skill worth developing: It boosts your concentration and disciplines you in keeping your mind alert and your thinking on track. And it delivers a result you cannot only show off with some pride – your performance will also improve dramatically. Say experts.

One of whom is German-born Eva-Lotta Lamm. She lives in London and works for google. On her website, she explains how she became a dedicated, book-writing sketchnote designer and demonstrates her way of capturing ideas by means of illustration.

Images courtesy of Eva-Lotta Lamm.