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New York City: Opening party of the Duggal Greenhouse

New York City: The Duggal Greenhouse


A number of nations of the civilised world are giving environmental issues top priority and have thus succeeded in reducing toxic emission and hazardous by-products, in trying to minimise waste in all areas and in saving rapidly dwindling resources. Albeit: It does not take a government to get the individual stone rolling. There are copy-worthy examples of farsighted doers who make the global climate challenge their own – hoping their commitment might be contagious. This is one:

The venue-turned Brooklyn Navy Yard building could easily claim celebrity status solely for its enviable setting and views. And even if just another desolate structure had merely been transformed from its sorry former state into a reusable, intelligently functional and highly modern company seat cum event location: the Duggal Greenhouse would shine brightly among the array of doomed premises successfully rescued from terminal decay. Yet, what renders the edifice truly unique is that the „green“ in front of the „house“ exceeds by far what the name would usually imply and that for once, the term „greenhouse effect“ offers a positive connotation.

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The Cliffs of Moher - Ireland's most spectacular scenery

Virtual excursions in Ireland


Forty Shades of Green on Google Street View

Not only the number of meeting variants is constantly growing, their degree of creativity increases as well. Ranging from the regular office get-together to the classical congress, popular in-between solutions like BarCamps, Open Spaces, casual World Cafés, Brownbag Sessions and whatnot, have been sprouting in mushroom-like fashion, only to be accompanied – or replaced – by the next unconventional novelty at the wink of an eye. But what if there isn’t time for an exchange face-to-face and/or the cost for it is unwarranted? In that case, one might want to opt for a virtual meeting instead. And, for the sake of the concept’s purity: Why not enhance it with a stressless, equally virtual „fringe programme“? An „excursion“ to the Cliffs of Moher on Ireland’s west coast could be a rewarding experience.

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Wildlife in Florida: A Dolphin Family with Baby

USA/Florida: A Dolphin’s Fingerprint


The 10,000 Island Dolphin Project

Naples, Marco Island & the Everglades are known as Florida’s Paradise Coast. In 2014, the destination facing the Gulf of Mexico, was assigned theTripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Islands Award, as being the Top Island in the US of A – and the fourth on the prime list worldwide. Local dedication to a special mission may well have influenced the jury’s decision.

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London: Westminster at night.

Westminster: Convened at Church lately?


To avoid confusion: the header image depicts the famed Houses of Parliament, per se the epitome of London for many, since long before its swingin’ times… next to perhaps Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, The London Eye, The Tower Bridge or the V&A museum. Just to name a few. And then there is Westminster Abbey, exclusive site of coronations since 1066, Lady Diana’s emotional funeral ceremony or glamorous royal weddings (like Queen Elizabeth’s with Prince Philip or William’s with Kate), all broadcast world-wide to a community held in the lasting grip of a magic royal spell. So, the premises ought to be familiar.
Right next door, the Church House Conference Centre may have witnessed events different from those mentioned before – but its own history lacks nothing in drama.

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All in white: A glimpse of Alpbach in Tyrol in winter.

Austria. Alpbach in Tyrol: Beauty meets sustainability


Alfons Moser was known as a successful businessman and – from 1945 to 1979 – as the dedicated mayor of Alpbach, a Tyrolean village nestled in a dulcet valley cutting through the Kitzbueheler Alps. He had a vision worldly enough to become reality: according to a law passed in 1953 and prevailing since, all newly built houses had to comply with the existing traditional architecture in local alpine style. Basta!

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