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A toy harbour scene: The Miniature Train World in Hamburg's attracts millions of visitors each year.

Hamburg: The world’s largest model train exhibition


Where’s Gulliver?

If a long-hatched childhood dream is ever to come true, entrepreneurial reason mostly isn’t the proper leverage to make it happen. Frederik Braun and his twin brother Gerrit still bravely ventured out on a project not only demanding a vast amount of courage, enthusiasm, utmost technical aptitude, congenial logistics and never-ending perseverance – but also a mighty portion of disregard towards the shaky economical outlook and the financial risks lurking virtually everywhere. A browse through a model railway shop in Switzerland’s capital Zurich back in 2000, triggered the idea for what was to become the largest and most successful exhibition of model railways worldwide.

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Blazing colours against the light: The Hot Air Ballon World Championship 2014 in Brazil.

Brazil. From Soccer to Ballooning


An entire state was thoroughly infested by the futbol bug inexorably crawling into every nook and cranny of the exotic South American nation between June 10th and July 13th, 2014 – albeit accompanied by the countrywide controversy as to more reasonable ways for the government to spend its financial resources. In the end, 16,7 million passengers had arrived at 21 airports to reach twelve seething arenas, in order to witness countless matches of varying excitement fought by eager international teams. Even Lord Jesus in his capacity as a much-revered monument in stone rising high into the Rio de Janeiro skies, was humorously kicked to life by digital camera tricks, enabling him to playfully propel an occasional footie during the World Soccer Championship in Brazil this summer. Televised globally, the games verifiably turned into a huge success.

Another sports event later in July – on a more moderate scale but by no means less impressive – was the colourful 21. FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship 2014, carried out in the Federal State of Sao Paulo – and for the first time on South American soil. Yudai Fujita from Japan became the celebrated aerial victor.

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Spraying water: A horseback rider on an Icelandic shore.

Iceland: An adventurous Sheep Gathering Experience


Iceland horses are cute to look at and known as most pacific creatures. They also feature a kinetic characteristic unique to them: Their ability to shift into an auxiliary gait called „toelta“ offers a heart-warming sight and ideally transmits a pleasant feeling throughout every rider’s body. Due to Iceland’s isolated location, the genetic foundations of these pretty horses have not been shaken; their sturdy physique and adorable mentality remained unaltered ever since slender viking ships brought them ashore more than eleven hundred years ago. Why not exchange four wheels spun by noisy mechanical horse powers against four legs and a few happy neighs at the speed of one single leisurely HP lollop style? To explore the country by pollution-free means and to watch the fluffy blond manes flying from a horseback perspective, is a challenge rewarding like no other.

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A Gaucho somewhere in the Mexican wilderness.

The fastest Guide in all of Mexico


A Jungle Safari at Cyberspeed

Arrribaaa! The bright red jeep perfectly fits the fiery temperament of its driver. Juan virtually swathes the participants joining in the excursion into the hinterland of Puerto Vallarta in his lively personality. The wiry bundle of energy with an endearing Spanish accent and sly eyes sparkling under comb-resistant hair resembles an information automat in human form.

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Himalayan giant Mount Everest.

Peter Habeler: Eine Seilschaft für das Dach der Welt


8. Mai 1978 – 13:15h:

Mount Everest ohne Sauerstoff-Zusatz bestiegen!

Es ist keine Freundschaft im klassischen Sinne, die Peter Habeler mit Reinhold Messner verbindet, obwohl sie schon in jungen Jahren so manche heikle Tour oder Expedition gemeinsam durchgestanden haben. Beide sagen, sie ergänzten sich durch ihre Unterschiedlichkeit hervorragend und könnten sich absolut aufeinander verlassen – ohne dabei viele Worte zu verlieren. Beinahe telepathisch sei das. Dennoch: Jeder Extrem-Bergsteiger ist ein Einzelgänger.

Wenn man ihm für seine Leistung Respekt zollt, winkt er verlegen ab: Peter Habeler ist Keiner, der viel Wirbel um seine Person macht. Das tat er auch nicht nach seiner sensationellen Besteigung des Mount Everest ohne künstlichen Sauerstoff zusammen mit Reinhold Messner.

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