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Sign "closed": Don't close up! Dare to disagree instead!

TED Talk. Margaret Heffernan: Dare to disagree!


Are we all hopeless ignorants? Or pitiable cowards – heads in sand? Why is it, that we are readily looking for others to prevent distaster from striking? Why are we so frequently shying away from making unfavourable decisions and why do we not speak our minds in all those meetings or seminars we attend on a regular basis? Most people instinctively avoid conflict, says Margaret Heffernan and demonstrates in this talk, that a good disagreement is vital to progress. The best partners aren’t those who echo an opinion in a stereotype way. Quite on the contrary! Great research teams, relationships and businesses allow people to fundamentally disagree.

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Dawn in the African bush: Preserving nature and resources are prime goals of humankind.

TED Talk: Let’s go all-in on selling sustainability


Coming from the non-profit consultancy Climate Group, Steve Howard is now the chief sustainability officer at a furniture megastore and talks about selling sustainable products to millions of people by implementing eco-friendly materials and practices. Ikea buildings have sprouted solar panels and wind turbines, the shelves inside are stocked with LED lighting and recycled cotton. An investment of €1.5 billion flows into renewable energy sources.

298 Ikea stores have seen more than 690 million customers in 2012, buying sofas, lamps, bookshelves and other goods worth € 27 billion. More than 1,000 suppliers worldwide do business with the furniture giant.

“I don’t think we’ve fully realized the extent to which sustainability is going to shape society and the business landscape over the next couple of decades.”

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Kilroy is watching us!

TED Talk. Mikka Hypponen: How the NSA betrayed the world’s trust


We will, we will watch you!

Is there any such thing as digital privacy? Aren’t we still sharing personal information far too generously and aren’t we all thoughtlessly jumping onto the cyber-fuelled bandwagon, just because it pretends to be the done thing? We are exposing our sometimes innermost secrets to a seemingly tangible community; after all, it is such a good feeling to be ‘liked’ by our diligently accumulated friends, 500+ at least, whom we trust blindly. Human vanity displays itself in many shades. So does human voyeurism. When friend turns into foe, the resulting mudslinging is witnessed by the same interested internet public. And then the desperation is individual and very real – and not just fleetingly virtual.

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LGBTI: Colourful and diverse Helsinki.

LGBTI – der unterschätzte Markt


Diversity Tourism: Reisen im Zeichen des Regenbogens

Vom anderen Ufer rollt – nur scheinbar urplötzlich – eine kraftvolle menschliche Welle heran. Weil lange ignoriert und immer noch stigmatisiert, wird ihr wahres Potenzial dramatisch verkannt: Bis zu zehn Prozent der Weltbevölkerung sollen homosexuell sein oder LGBTI angehören. In Realität sind die Zahlen aus nachvollziehbaren Gründen unmessbar und auch ehrgeizige stochastische Akrobatik kann nur an ihnen scheitern. Es bleibt ein Segen, dass zivilisierte Länder auf ihren offiziellen Formularen auf die Rubrik “Sexuelle Veranlagung” verzichten. Gemäß Statistik von ILGA wird Homosexualität weltweit noch in etwa 80 Staaten und Territorien strafrechtlich verfolgt. Die Palette variiert von einem Monat Gefängnis bis zur Todesstrafe.

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