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Terje Isungset playing the ice tuba during the Ice Music Festival in Geilo/Norway.

Norway: The Ice Music Festival


A cool tribute to art and nature

The Ice Music Festival is a unique artistic and musical project arranged annually when the first full moon of the year occurs. It is an ovation to nature and to a resource treasured by mankind like no other: water. In its frozen state it is appreciated for a variety of purposes, from cooling drinks to posing as a temporary playground for more or less talented skaters. Here in Norway, it is even shaped by congenial creators into softly crackling, translucent musical instruments. Extravagant players elicit wondrous sounds in undependable, ever-changing acoustic colours from a harp, a cello, a tuba … some with clammy fingers wrapped in thick gloves against the severe chill prevailing here. The venue is located in the centre of Geilo, which is situated between Oslo (3,5 hours) and Bergen (3 hours) and comfortably accessible by train. Free add-on: the route cuts through a scenery of unrivaled beauty.
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